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Our Company

Sea Delta Marine & Offshore is a marine, offshore, oil and gas consultancy based in Middle East, India and Europe. Sea Delta offers complete solution to the industry starting from Engineering, technical supports and project management. The Company was incorporated in the year 2020 with the purpose of providing a single-window solution for maritime and offshore industry ensuring the best engineering practices and professional business ethics are followed.

Experience and Scope of Services

Sea Delta is headed by a team of Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and Master Mariners.

The scope of our services includes basic and detailed design of ships, jackups and platforms, new building project management, all naval architectural services, ocean engineering design and analysis, marine engineering services, techno commercial feasibility studies, port and shipyard development and design, digitization engineering and renewable energy engineering.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide bespoke solutions to the maritime and offshore industry with a passion about creating innovative, practical and cost-effective design and consulting solutions.

Our Team's Strength

Formed by a group of ship and offshore design experts and consultants from leading design companies, we comprise:

NAVAL ARCHITECTS – More than 25 years of experiece, MARINE ENGINEERS – More than 20 years of experiece, MARINE CIVIL ENGINEERS- More than 20 Years Experience, STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS- More than 20 Years Experience




Supporting Organizations

1. Burness Corlett Three Quays (BCTQ) - Southampton, UK & Dubai, UAE 2. Geo Marine - Marine Civil Engineering Experts (Chennai, India)

3. Fine Hull - CFD Experts (Chennai) 4. Celtic Design Consultants (CDC) - Wind Farm Jack Up Expert (Glasgow, UK)

5. Energy Spring Pillars and Partners (KSA) 6. Cedeco Contractors Ltd. (Glasgow, UK, India)

Why Choose Us

As a balanced consultancy with expertise across the disciplines of Naval Architecture, Marine and Electrical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Surveyors, Sea Delta is well positioned to provide the client with all services necessary to see a project through from conception to successful completion.

Extensive experience of a broad range of marine and offshore matters; Bespoke technical advice, assurance and opinion

Comprehensive solutions – our only focus is your project; A passionate, dynamic and growing team


Our Team

Sea Delta is proud of its organization team. At Sea Delta, we have united Professionals from various industrial domains. The varied backgrounds and distinctive project history of our team enable Sea Delta to expand our business potential while staying true to our Mission. Meet our key People:.

Team Menber

Ashik Subahani

Managing Director

Ship Design Expert, Jack Up Design Expert, Offshore Platform Design expert, Yacht Design Expert,Marine Civil Design Expert, Shipyard Facility Design Expert, Port Design Expert & Marina Design Expert.

Team Menber

Neil Mcnaughton

Principal Consultant (Marine & Mechanical)

Professional Marine and Mechanical Engineer, Renewable Energy Expert,(Marine Engineer INC, Aberdeen, UK)

Team Menber

Dr.Anantha Subramanian

Principal Consultant – Vessel Efficiency Enhancement

Hull Form, Sea Keeping and CFD Studies Expert, (Fine Hulls, Chennai).

Team Menber

Dr.Oleksandr Chechotkin

Lead Project Manager – Offshore, Oil and Gas Installation Projects Expert

Offshore, Oil and Gas Installation Projects Expert

Our Projects

We provide complete Analysis Solutions and Detail Engineering packaged for all kind of vessels from Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Pipe Laying Vessel, Container Ships, Passenger Ships, Tugs, to critical Offshore & Naval Vessels like Multipurpose OSV, ROV, AHT, PSV, Naval Frigates & Corvettes, Naval Training Ships, FAC's & Rig structures as per client

Our Projects Details to be added soon...

Scope of Services

The scope of our services spans new building project management, vessel basic and detailed design, all naval architectural services, ocean engineering design and analysis, marine engineering services, techno commercial feasibility, port and shipyard development services and marine cargo services.

Sea Delta’s experienced naval architects and engineers deliver a wide range of design services – from advanced analysis systems to full scale sea trials. The result is our proven design portfolio – vessels with high mission effectiveness, efficient construction and superior operability. You’ll find them safely plying in rugged waters space worldwide, proudly owned by satisfied Sea Delta clients


Marine capabilities includes: Ship Design, Yacht Design, Naval Architecture, Sea-keeping Studies, CFD Studies: Hull Form, Resistance, Propulsion, Sea keeping, Roll stabilization, Wind studies and Helideck wind turbulence studies, Model Testing, Stability Studies, Structural Design, Piping Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design and Instrumentation Design, Automation and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Oil and Gas

Our Oil and Gas Capabilities includes: Offshore Platform Design, Jacket Design and Deck Design, Helidecks and Bridge Design, Mooring Dolphins, Buoys – Calm buoys, Refinery Revamping and Instrumentation Buildings, Control Rooms and Installation Engineering, Transportation Studies and Sea Fastening Engineering

Jack Ups

Jack Up Sea Delta Capabilities includes: Jack Up barge design and Jack Up rig design, Accommodation Design and Deck Modules, Helidecks and Structural design, Global analysis and Fatigue analysis, Piping system design, Electrical design and Instrumentation design, Geotechnical studies

Sub Sea

Subsea Engineering is a very specialised field which is responsible for designing, building, installing and maintaining the underwater components used to produce oil and gas. It includes Mooring Analysis, Cable lay analysis, Pipe lay analysis, Sub sea lifting studies, Geotechnical studies

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy includes: Solar Floaters, Wind farm jack ups, Wind farm jackets, Renewable Energy Ship design

Digitalization-Marine and Offshore

The transition towards digitalization and automation is speeding up in the maritime industry. Digital technologies and solutions are being used to increase competitiveness and enhance operational efficiency. At Sea Delta we are also taking advantage of digitigation and providing software solutions which includes the followings: Ship/Rig management software/solutions (Ship management, Shore to ship, satellite communication, cyber security, accounting services, and vessel IT infrastructure)

Project Management

Sea Delta Marine & Offshore provides a complete project management and services to suit a range of client requirements. Our project management team has extensive experience in operations, engineering, and project management

Our team understands the current technologies used in the operation, maintenance, analysis, and management associated with the equipment on board. Our project manager act as a leader on any shipyard project. Sea Delta Marine & Offshore helps clients to determine the scope of the work, schedule, and the selection of vendors, all to ensure on-time delivery within the client’s budget

Detailed Engineering

Detailed Engineering includes 3d modelling, Block division, Assembly sequence and Nesting plan, Piping spool and isometric, Electrical Details, Cable trays, Material specification and MTOs, Equipment specification, Procurement support, Project support and Commissioning support, Electrical design, Instrumentation design and Automation, Lifting and erection, As fitted drawings

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Dubai Office

Sea Delta Marine & Offshore Engineering

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